Making Passive Income Online– Why It Pays to Pay For Insight… Sometimes…

Cut and dry on this one…

It comes down to what you are paying for, versus what you get on your own when you don’t want to fork over the money on a program, or system, or whatever it is you are being offered.

Bottom line- You can get all the information you need to start making money online for free, on your own, by doing the research and putting in the time to figure everything out.

But, in most cases, all that time and effort is for nothing when you cannot see it implemented right in front of you. Having hands on experience when it comes to making a dollar on the internet is absolutely imperative for your success. I learned it, my mentor’s learned it, and millions more as well.

Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to pay for someone to teach you what you need to know and show you what to expect.

Now, without a single doubt, I know you are now wondering, “But, Derek, there are systems being offered at every turn now! Who the hell do I go with? Who can you trust when everyone of these guys are just as focused on making themselves money?? How will I know I made the right decision if I DO end up paying for something?”…

And another question you probably have is this one– “Why the hell would I trust you?? You are just like all the other’s that are trying to turn a blog into an income… You would say anything to make a paycheck, huh?”

And that one is quite fair of you to wonder. To you, I AM just another blogger hoping to make something out of his devotion to writing. But, if I may be so blunt, you have no idea who I am or what my goals are… But allow me to straighten this out.

I am not the internet average. I am not one that has to make this blog into an income. This isn’t how I pay bills. Quite the opposite actually. And this should clear things up for those wondering who I am…

I do this because I am passionate about it. I write these articles, reviews, and blogs, and I offer my knowledge because I WANT to. Sure, I make some money here and there when someone buys what I review, but in comparison to my weekly paycheck, it would be silly to think I would walk away from my day job with hopes I would make $70k/yr from a blog. Some actually make that in a couple months… but not me.

I know what I know about affiliate marketing, digital marketing, sales generation, web design, social engagement, and so much more because of countless hours self-studying in my free time. As well as PAYING for a program to teach me the ins-and-outs of the things I knew I was missing.

When someone requires you to pay for what they know, it’s because they know something you won’t learn on your own. And that is what marketing Information is all about. Providing a SOLUTION to those who have a PROBLEM.

In your case, you need a solution to becoming an internet entrepreneur. Or, an affiliate marketer. And the problem you encountered was just like so many others had, WHO do you turn to, WHY do you pay for their lessons, WHAT do they offer, WHERE do you go from there?

That one program I bought into was Wealthy Affiliate. Let me lay out the facts…

  • Free Membership, no money required to start, and a ONE FULL WEEK (7 days) of PREMIUM ACCESS just for signing up.
  • First time sign-ups for PREMIUM ACCESS cost just $19/month
  • Full Access to a Community of OVER 800,000 ACTIVE MEMBERS… many of which make over $5k/week from implementing all they learned at WEALTHY AFFILIATE
  • You make a commission off referring others to experience what you got to experience from your time inside their training program.

These are the classes offered inside the FIRST CERTIFICATION COURSE

Online Entrepreneur Certification Getting Started Level 1


WA Affiliate Bootcamp Getting Your Business Rolling

More than anything they have a community and classroom that has the most comprehensive advice you could ever hope to find!

There is only ONE REASON I recommend WEALTHY AFFILIATE to anyone aspiring to become successful as an Internet Entrepreneur…


Hands down, no BS, Kyle and Carson are awesome teachers.

Go give them a try, I promise you won’t regret it…

And nowhere else will you get a benefit from a FREE membership…


I wish you the best of luck… and I hope you get all you are hoping for out of this chaotic work of online income!



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