Making Money Online in 2018: Why you spend $$ to Earn $$

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2018 is the year you started making money online from the comfort of your home. What a surprise you had when you realized, just like anything else worth while in life, you were going to have to work at it. Many times you went back to the drawing board scratching your head, wondering where you fell off course, didn’t end up where you intended. Months may have been wasted, or invested (if you are optimistic about learning through failure.), to come to that perspective.

You’re probably already thinking, “are you kidding me, guy? That’s not what I expected to hear!” Well, that’s too bad. Cause I only offer my honest insight on things I understand. And, sadly, this is one of those things.

Don’t worry… I have a few surprises you’ll want to stick around for. I promise.

Where You Should Be…

making money online 2018

By now I am going to assume the vast majority of the people who read into information such as you are now already have somewhat of a grasp of how to be making money online in some form or another. And if not… Did you sleep through the last 2 years of google? Kinda been a hot topic trend here lately.

But my point is, if you have been hard up for money at all lately, you may have searched  for ways to work from home, or where you may be able to sell your kidney, or how to make a quick $50… morally…, or any combination of that mixture.

And I can almost bet you that most of the top contenders on the first page of google were all of the “Free” variety, huh? Only you figured out that wasn’t true shortly after offering you email to sign up. There is always a catch. Sure they bring you in for free, but then offer you that wonderful “up sell” so you get all the good juicy details they excluded from the free trial.

Guess what? That’s how THEY started making money online! And you know what else? They had to spend money to start making money online that way! A lot of money most likely. Think about the cost of the things they offer…

  1. video production? MONEY! If they have production videos with editing and camera shots, that is a professional service online. And it isn’t cheap.
  2. In-depth website with on-board programs, interactions and training material? more MONEY! Think of all the development and coding that goes into something that strategic.
  3. Ebooks, webinars, source material, product testing? all MONEY.

Who Else Is Making Money Online?

You start to understand the investment that goes into something that tedious. All tailored to offer you a system that MIGHT work for you, that is a source they’re consistently making money online with.

Take for instance Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson have, hands down, one of the most in-depth and comprehensive systems I have ever stumbled upon. It is the ONLY program I ever paid for and did not cancel 2 hours later, and it rewarded me with a wealth of knowledge I personally believe no other system could offer.

More on these guys later… but it cost a FORTUNE to produce something like that. And for good reason. I promise I have a point to all this… stay with me.

making money online 2018

Where Does This Lead You?

Yes, bottom line, along your journey of learning the ropes of  how to successfully turn an investment into an income out of creating content online, you will have to spend some money, somewhere. So the real brain-buster here is where do you spend, and what’s the best way to save as much as you can while still learning what you need to?

That is something I learned on my own… the hard way. And that is why I feel qualified enough to at least give you good enough examples so that maybe you can capitalize off my bad investments…

Just a couple of no-nos before we get into the answers you are waiting for…

  1. Paying to advertise your new website on FB or Google? No. What’s the point? What’s there to read on your website? There is no opportunity of a R.O.I. in doing something like that.
  2. Cramming your website full of Affiliate sites, ads, and links. This is horrible for the overall image of your website. You look like you care more about striking it rich than offering thoughtful, quality content to your audience. And if that’s your goal, pick a different source of income.
  3. Lastly, don’t rush through it. Making anything out of this line of business is a time consuming process. NEVER buy into the myth that you can make $10k in your first week. That’s a sales hook. Those trying to market their products to you use that line to draw a new crowd in. Use common sense. If it sounds too good, it most likely is…

Now, down to the nitty gritty. Where I give you MY advice on spending Your money and making the most out of this “making money online” thing. And to sum it up quickly, I spent an entire year doing my homework before dedicating myself to a domain name, a web host, and dedicating myself to a paid-in-full membership with a system like Wealthy Affiliate.

Where Do You Begin?

First off, do as I did and do some homework. Search google for topics like niche marketing, making money online + affiliate marketing, trends in online sales, writing good copy, creative writing techniques, etc. will get you going in the right path to having the best chances at making money online.

It’s all free information and taking notes only develops your skills for tasks you’ll need to accomplish on your own website once you learn to build it.

making money online 2018

Places you will spend money comes up when you have to buy a domain name, registering email, and paying for a service like WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate. And I keep referring back to WA because it is something I believe in. So I will get into that more now.

With a massive online community of like minded individuals who are all making money online everyday, repeatedly, Wealthy Affiliate boasts an amazing mass of people who will be there to help you through every step.

The course itself offers the most comprehensive walk through anyone could offer. Pay attention when I tell you that even the free trial of 14 days give you enough time to go through their first course, which is the only course offered with the free trial, and contains enough information to virtually have you confident in taking off on your own venture that begins making money online for you.

From going in depth into targeting demographics and choosing an appropriate Niche, to writing platforms that teach even the most novice writer how to hone their skills and be proficient in content writing.

With the Free Trial you are also given the beginning course of “Affiliate Bootcamp”. An in-depth look into the affiliate programs and how to successfully utilize affiliate links, writing reviews, and drawing readers to your site.

Jaxxy, their SEO software that is built into their system, breaks down Search Engine Optimization, Teaching You to Use Keywords that find “Low Hanging Fruit”, and more, all of which are vital to making money online efficiently. All included with just the 14-day free trial.

But if you go through the trial, you will most definitely want to sign up for at least the first month, which is just $19. Every recurring month there after is $49/ month. I urge anyone reading this who haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate to get over there and give the free trial a go.making money online 2018

What do you got to lose? Making money online using a FREE Trial is The best R.O.I. I can offer you. It’s free, and you will gain so much from their system. I owe my refined knowledge of life amongst the online marketplace to that program.

So, to wrap it up, money needs to be spent to really start making money online consistently on down the road. Sticking with it and exercising consistency and patience will take you very far on this long road of learning and trying. But I have faith in anyone that at least puts the effort into it.

If interested, head on over to Wealthy Affiliate and see what they can teach you!


Comment below and give me your thoughts on this! What got you into blogging or eCommerce? How long have you been at it? What advice can you give to others you wish you had when you started?

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